Friday, February 3, 2012

A 1990 Kyle Drabek rookie card?!?!

There are many things to like about this 1990 Doug Drabek Topps baseball card.  First and foremost, the mullet. It's beautifully hanging out from the back of his Pirates cap, as if saying "Yes, Doug is all business right now pitching but remember it's still a party back here, y'all".   Also, can't discount the Burt Reynolds Cannonball Run moustache along with the elastic band pants and the Pirates no-button, pull-over jersey (which I love and wish MLB teams would use more often).

Of course the mullet and the all too cool looking uniform probably was 85% of the reason why he ended up winning the Cy Young award the following year. The other measly 15% was his 22-6 record, 2.76ERA, 1.06WHIP, and only 56BB's in 231IP.  (Pfft....i still say it was the mullet and stache that propelled him to greatness). 

But what I like most of this card is seemingly the very first appearance of current Jays prospect, Kyle Drabek (at which he was at a the prospect prime age of 3 years old).

As noted on the back of the card, Kyle's name is mentioned in the small tidbits blurb about his dad Doug.  "He and his wife have two children, Justin and Kyle".  I'd like to think this is officially Kyle Drabek's rookie card but have a hard time finding it anywhere in the Becketts Guide to see its value. 

Either way, as a Jays fan, lets hope Kyle ends up having a career anywhere near like his dads, which included a Cy Young award in 1990 and 3 trips to the postseason. 

Personal plea to Kyle: Grow that party in the back and slick looking stache. Can't hurt...oh yah and throw that damn curve ball!!



  1. Completely agree on the pullovers. Love em.

  2. Same here. I have a Jays powder blue #32 pull over and a Pirates black Clemente pullover as well. Just seems to fit a lot better on me then the button up jerseys.

  3. I have the exact same Halladay pullover. It's a thing of beauty, and for some reason I feel like less of a dork wearing a pullover than a jersey.