Monday, August 15, 2011

The Man, The Myth, The Legend.....The Mullet

So for my first card post, I chose Kelly Gruber (1987 Topps).  Who else did you expect?  As can be seen, his mullet is in the early stages of its future glorious golden lock awesomeness. 

Gruber is poised and ready in this photo to snag a screamer to the hot corner and gun em down at first base.  Either that or its spring training and he’s trying to catch his breath while thinking to himself “I gotta lay off those Texas ribs and rodeo nachos in the offseason”

As the back of his card states, Kelly was a District Qualifier in track competition. It doesn’t say which track event, but I’m guessing the high jump.  His mullet gave him an advantage by acting like wings while soaring over the high jump bars….pretty sure that gave him an extra 2-3 inches of vertical.



  1. I agree with the high jump. Definitely couldn't be a running event, where the flowing mullet would cause too much wind resistance.

  2. Yes, but how good would he look with that mullet flowing behind him. Ron Duguay with Nike's.

  3. You gotta love the wood paneling on the '87 Tops. i think I have the complete set of the Jays from that year somewhere.

  4. thought you might go with the Gruber Fleer rookie pairing him with Randy O'Neal. I'm guessing getting include along with Gruber and his mullet was his career highlight

  5. Unfortunately don't have his rookie card but have seen it. Very true, O'Neal was standing next to greatness.